Welcome to Drexel University College of Engineering!

The College of Engineering at Drexel University is an academically comprehensive, global institution preparing students for research, academia and employment in fields like civil, mechanical, architectural, materials and chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, among others.

Through renowned faculty who engage in their own translational research, students connect to the world around them and to the exciting advances that target and solve society’s greatest challenges.

Drexel University is a comprehensive, global research university that combines academic rigor with a unique model of experiential learning. It has built a global reputation on core achievements that include:

  • All 6 Departments ranked in the top 50th percentile nationally by US News & World Report
  • Being named an R1 Research institution, the highest possible ranking for schools in the United States;
  • Recognition as a model of best practices in translational, use-inspired research;
  • Over 25,000 students enrolled, ranking in the top 15 largest private universities in the US.

Drexel University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and centrally located on the East Coast of the United States. Philadelphia was voted #7 best student city in the country for 2019 by Topuniversities.com, and is a dynamic city with many restaurants, shops and tourist attractions.

Drexel’s campus is in the west Philadelphia neighborhood known as University City, an academic epicenter for the entire region and one of the most diverse areas in Philadelphia.

The campus is a five-minute walk to one of the major train stations in the US, a two-hour train ride to New York City and to the Washington DC, the nation’s capital. The city itself is very easy to navigate whether by foot, bike, Drexel shuttle or the extensive city-and-region-wide public transportation system.